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Sam4s Electronic Cash Registers

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Sam4s ER-150ii
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The SAM4s ER-150II electronic cash register provides the first time cash register buyer a simplified financial analysis to record basic sales information and automatically calculate sales tax.

  • Two departments provide information, control and easy registration of taxable and non-taxable items sold.
  • Easy to install ink roller.
  • Five position mode switch.
  • Owner programmable receipt/journal print.
  • Standard cash drawer with a 4 bill, 4 coin compartment tray and security lock.
  • Financial and cash-in-drawer reports.



Sam4s Model ER-265
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Entry-level ECR with thermal printing, flat spill-resistant keyboard, and full-size heavy duty cash drawer. Unique black cabinet will complement retail and bar environments.


  • Fast 58mm Single Station Thermal Printing
  • Flat Spill-Resistant Keyboard
  • Fifteen Programmable Departments
  • 1,000 Preset or Open Price PLUs
  • Three Tax Tables
  • Ten Clerks
  • Full Size Heavy Duty Cash Drawer
  • Six-Line Preamble and Six-Line Postamble Receipt Message at 32 Characters per Line
  • Optionally Print a User Defined Graphic Logo, Coupon or Advertising Message



Sam4s er-285m
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SAM4s ER-285M ECR with thermal printing, two-line LCD, flat spill-resistant keyboard, and full-size heavy duty cash drawer. Unique black cabinet will complement retail and bar environments.


  • High Speed 13 Lines per Second Thermal Printer
  • Wide 2-1/4" (58mm) Paper
  • Easy Auto-Feed Paper Loading
  • Heavy-Duty Cash Drawer with Media Slot and 3-Way Lock
  • Two-Line Easy-to-Read Liquid Crystal Display
  • UPC Scanning
  • Flat, Spill-Resistant 49-Position Keyboard
  • SD Memory Port Stores Register Programs and Reports
  • Programmable Graphic Logos for Coupons and Advertising Messages
  • Electronic Journal Replaces Need for Detail Paper Rolls
  • Standard RS-232C Port for External Devices, Two Additional Ports Optionally Available



Sam4s ER-290
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The SAM4s ER-290 is a low cost ECR with full size ECR features. Accounting is a breeze with daily and period-to-date reports while hourly reporting helps you plan for busy or slow times.


  • 12 programmable departments provide information and control of your most commonly used items.
  • 200 price look-ups (PLUs).
  • 2 programmable percent keys for discounting by sale or by item.
  • Cash, check and two charge keys with paid out and received-on-account finalizing keys.
  • Receipt stamp prints "Thank You Call Again" after the sale is completed.
  • Four tax tables for automatic tax calculation for department and PLU entries.
  • Easy to read PLU, department, hourly sales, and period-to-date financial reports.
  • Easy to install ribbon.
  • Standard cash drawer with 5 bill, 5 coin compartment tray and security lock.





Sam4s er-350ii
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The SAM4s ER-350-II gives the small retailer a competitively priced ECR with easy to read and understand receipts and reports. No other electronic cash register offers alpha-numeric print at SAM4s' remarkably low price!

  • Now Features Fast Reliable Epson SDM-310 Receipt/Journal Printer

  • Fast 4.5 Lines per Second Print Speed
  • 10 Clerks
  • 3 Tax Tables
  • 300 Preset or Open Price PLUs
  • 8/16 Programmable Departments
  • Single Station Dot Matrix Printer Accepts 1 or 2-Ply Paper
  • 10 Character Department and PLU Descriptors
  • 26 Character, 5 Line Programmable Receipt Message
  • Programmable Management Controls
  • PLU, Department, Hourly Sales, and Period-to-Date Reports


Sam4s ER-380
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The ER-380 is a perfect choice for any small retail or food service business. The high-speed thermal printer provides receipts that match the quality of high-cost POS equipment. Built-in memory can be assigned to capture transaction information for later sorting and review (electronic journal.) The flexible ER-380 keyboard can be configured with the exact functions you require, providing security, cash control and critical sales information.

  •  Drop-in paper loading and graphic logo printing
  •  Electronic journal captures transaction information
  •  500 PLUs; 12 PLU category keys (NLUs)
  •  Up to 10 clerks or cashiers with separate report totals
  •  Four tax rates or tax tables with value added tax (VAT) capability
  •  RS-232C communications port for POS peripherals – scale, kitchen printer, coin dispenser, pole display, or PC



Sam4s ER-390m
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Low cost flat keyboard ECR with high speed thermal printing. The ER-390M is a commercial grade ECR featuring a full size heavy-duty steel cash drawer, POS-grade thermal printer, and key lock security for voids returns and reports.


  • 90 Position Spill-Resistant Keyboard
  • Two RS-232C Communication Ports For POS Peripherals - PC, Credit, Kitchen Printer, Coin Dispenser, Scale, Pole Display or Video Surveillance
  • Fast 13.3 Lines per Second Print Speed
  • Drop-In Paper Loading and Graphic Logo Printing
  • 2-Line, Backlit, Liquid-Crystal, Alpha-Numeric Display
  • Optional Direct Connect PC Utility is Available to Create, Save and Load Your ECR Programs - The Utility Can Also Poll Reports and Your Electronic Journal for Quick and Easy Transaction Reviews
  • Optional Internal Magnetic Card Reader
  • Compatible with Datacap's DataTran Credit Terminal
  • Electronic Journal Captures Transaction Information
  • 500 PLUs; 60 PLU Category Keys (NLUs)
  • Four Tax Rates, Tax Tables or Value Added Tax



    Sam4s ER-390m
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    The SAM4s ER-5215M is a cost effective ECR with built-in flexibility to serve a wide range of retail applications. It features an adjustable two-line alpha-numeric LCD screen and a traditional raised key keyboard with 5, 10 or 15 NLU keys. NLUs access PLU memory and function as traditional departments.



  •  Adjustable Two-Line Alpha-Numeric LCD Screen
  •  Two Standard RS-232C Ports
  •  Compatibility with Datacap's DataTram Credit Terminal
  •  Reliable High-Speed Thermal Receipt and Journal Printers
  •  Drop-and-Print Paper Loading
  •  Wide 2-1/4" (58mm) Paper
  •  Lower Total Cost of Ownership vs. Impact Printers
  •  Prints User Defined Graphic Logos, Coupons or Advertising Messages
  •  Receipt Printer Generates Receipt, Soft Check, and/or Requisition



Sam4s ER-390m
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See what a difference an eight line x 20 characters per line screen makes. Just look at the screen to verify or fill the order. If necessary, you can page up and down through larger orders. Menus simplify and prompt operations and on-screen programming simplifies programming of menu items and system options. Spot check sales and financial reports by viewing sales information on the screen. The 98 key keyboard is spill resistant and easy to clean. Each location is completely programmable in order to fit menu and function requirements. Program the stores name and menu items easily by typing on an alpha programming overlay. Two RS-232C ports and IRC are available on every SAM4s ER-650! The ER-650 stores detailed sales journal in memory for immediate on-screen review, or printing at the end of the day

  • Adjustable multi-line operator screen.
  •  Fast, quiet and dependable thermal printer.
  • Flat keyboard with 98 programmable keys.
  • RS-232C ports available from POS options.
  • Electronic journal.
  • Inter-register communications available for store wide report consolidation and programming.
  • 63 standard / 80 maximum keyboard price look-up keys ensure accurate item registration.
  • Up to approximately 10,000+ PLUs for large item or UPC files.
  • Hard or soft check tracking system.
  • Currency conversion for border areas.
  • Food stamp sorting and tendering.
  • Heavy duty 5 bill/5 coin metal cash drawer.